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"Experience the Care our Herbal Formulation Gives"

Accept a devout greeting fromSuAyu LifeCare (P) Ltd; an enterprise embarked to help people for the better health throughthe power of Ayurveda. The products are specially formulated from the extractsof natural herbs, highly effective which improves quality of life. The companyhas been providing healthcare solutions with destined to help the ailingpatients.

The company boasts of its scientific research, expertise & proficiency inthe field of Herbal medicines. Its products are highly effective in offeringsolution of various health related complications.

SuAyu has conceptualized and is promoting herbal medicineswith an aim to introduce the gentle curative qualities and indisputableadvantages of standardized Herbal extracts.

At present company is marketingeighteen herbal medicines which are being manufactured at its state-of-the artproduction facility in India.

Range of Products is mentioned below:

  1. AMRITFLOW (Herbal Medicine -Improves Lactation in nursing mother)
  2. ANGIOFIT (Herbal Medicine -Controls Cholesterol level)
  3. BOSMIN (Herbal Medicine -For Joints pain)
  4. CIDLESS (Herbal Medicine -For Gastro-Intestinal problems)
  5. CORRHEACARE (Herbal Medicine -Controls white vaginal discharge)
  6. DHROOJ (Herbal Medicine -Nervine Tonic, for parkinsonism disease)
  7. FITSULIN-DM (Herbal Medicine -Controls Glucose level)
  8. FLOWELL (Herbal Medicine -for Prostate problems, Improves Urine flow)
  9. FRETNIL (Herbal Medicine -Useful in Menopause. Reduces Anxiety & stress)
  10. IMUROX (Herbal Medicine -Immuno modulator)
  11. JIVAYU (Herbal Medicine -For asthma and other related diseases)
  12. JONDIX (Herbal Medicine -Liver tonic, For liver diseases)
  13. MASANIL (Herbal Medicine -Anti hemorrhoids, Anti inflammatory)
  14. RHYTHMEX (Herbal Medicine -Heart care tonic)
  15. RYCYCLE (Herbal Medicine -For irregular menstrual cycle)
  16. SHILOX (Herbal Medicine -For removal of kidney stone)
  17. SUTHHAN (Herbal Medicine -sexual pleasure enhancer)
  18. WIKTREE (Herbal Medicine -Improves memory & concentration)

You will be happy to knowthat in Indiawe have helped numerous patients in getting desired results. We are accustomedto deliver the best quality, which will be reflected in our Products.

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